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The name Urthmos is derived from the word ‘earth’. My conversation with Erika MacGillivray, Urthmos founder and a true guru in herbalism, Chinese medicine and Aryuveda, opened my eyes to the abundance of natural healing powers that mother nature offered.

Bringing over 15 years of experience, creating herb based skincare products, tested on women from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and skin sensitivities, Erika birthed the Urthmos brand in one of the most tumultuous years in our history, but after our conversation, I believe it’s a brand that’s here to stay.

I’m just going to dive in and say that the product names are so interesting to me, and please correct me if I’m mispronouncing it, but I personally use the Sundara Complexion Serum religiously. Where do the names come from?

A lot of Urthmos product names come from different places. Several are Chinese names or Hindi names, like for example the name ‘Sundara’ means beautiful. That lends to Sundara Complexion Serum meaning beautiful complexion, and then the name ‘Cong Gen’ is derived from Chinese root plants for sensitive skin issues.

Cong Gen by Urthmos

A lot of Urthmos products cater to women with sensitive skin or with mature skin. Was that an intentional decision on your part?

“It was very intentional. I’ve got sensitive skin. I’m a mother of adult kids with sensitive skin, and I’m also a grandmother. My granddaughter has sensitive skin, and at a time had eczema. I was tired of getting bogged down by all the negative side effects from steroids. Our Cong Gen Sensitive Skin Cream was inspired by my wanting to provide something to help heal my granddaughters eczema that worked without any side effects”

Was it challenging to source different herbs from all these countries or are these herbs something we all have access to from the earth as well?

“Certain herbs are a challenge to get to, while some are not. I believe that when you’re going the ethical route, and sourcing straight from the country, it can run up costs, however, these costs are worth it to me. I see it as an investment in my skincare, and anyone who invests in the products, are doing the same”.

I’m not going to ask your age, but you look amazing! You’re clearly aging gracefully, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re all aging right? [Laughs] Tell me more about the anti-aging products for women like me.

“Tremellahari Face Cream has the Tremella mushroom, which is 500x more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid, and in Asia, they actually eat this mushroom. The 7 Goddesses Serum, is our biggest seller, and is a favorite amongst our customers. Tremellahari is great for collagen reproduction and plumping up the skin. Cacay Seed Oil has a boat load of natural vitamins and minerals, and the list goes on”.

Speaking of 7 Goddesses Serum, what are some products you would recommend for people looking to start with Urthmos?

Tremellahari Face Cream, 7 Goddesses Serum, Hydraplum Vitamin C Serum

“Oh the wintertime is hydration season, so for products that provide hydration, I would recommend

,The 7 Goddesses Serum

The 7 Goddesses Serum contains a high level of Vitamin C and Omega 6 and 9 and helps prevent premature aging. This serum has more Vitamin A than Rosehip Oil, more Vitamin E and F than Argan Oil, and more Beta Carotene than Carrot Seed Oil. In addition, the ,,Tremellahari Face Cream, and ,,Hydraplum Vitamin C offer an amazing amount of moisture.

,Cong Gen Sensitive Skin Cream

Cong Gen was created from Tradition Chinese Medicine root plants, Ayurveda herbs, and other beautiful plants from around the world. It’s effective at restoring skin sensitives like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, cystic acne, and more.

,Bamboo Exfoliant

This can be added with your facial cleanser of choice, per use to create a non-abrasive facial scrub. It’s great for all acne prone skin, sensitive skin, and mature skin.

After surviving such a tumultuous year, what do you think the future of Urthmos looks like?

“I see Urthmos going worldwide, and just catering to a wider audience. I’m working on a blog to further educate people on what herbs to use and for what ailments, like menopause, pms, menstrual cramps and more, so stay tuned for that. I’m a big believer in promoting self love and relying on a higher source for direction, health, and healing”.

The support for Urthmos is growing, I believe it will attain the goal of reaching and catering to a worldwide audience, but what would you like your supporters to know today?

“Although my primary audience is women, my focus is mature and sensitive skin of everyone. I want more women, young and old to practice self love and embrace themselves, flaws and all. We know how to love on everyone else, yet sometimes lack giving ourselves the same love”.

This was a true pleasure Erika, Thank You.

Inside Look At ,,Urthmos Written by Ona Okoye

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