Inside Look At Glammed Naturally Oil.

A stark revelation of the toxicity of hair relaxers, to her unborn child, inspired Jummie Ogunyemi’s humble beginnings as a natural hair blogger on social media.


Jummie did what any mother would do after learning the dangers of hair relaxers to the health of their baby – THE BIG CHOP.


She sought to learn how to care for her natural hair, and wanted to educate other women on how to do the same, but it wasn’t until a post-partum anemia diagnosis that caused her own hair to begin to fall off, that jolted a desire to turn inwards and learn what was causing her hair to shed, and how to grow it back.


Jummie began mixing organic tea tree oil with other essential oils and shared it with family members who also found it effective, but navigating motherhood and returning to work brought about new stressors for Jummie.


Driving 2-3hrs to and fro work in New York brought about new challenges. My life went from the peace and calm of motherhood to one that was very stressful. One day I found my hair began to fall off. I sat there on the bathroom floor staring at my reflection. I had hair in the middle but all of my edges were gone. I was frantic! Here I was with a new budding business supposedly carrying the formula for hair growth, and I had no hair! I was devastated.

“Instead of shying away, I took my story to the world. I went back up on my blog and showed my bald spots, and openly began to document my journey for a period of 6 months. For 6 months, people witnessed my own hair grow back just by using the Glammed Naturally Oils. That was really how my business took off.


So tell me Jummie, and I think the people want to know too- What is the secret to long healthy hair? What is in your magical hair oil?


“The number 1 ingredient is Organic Castor Oil. There’s also Organic Jojoba Oil, and Organic Tea Tree Oil, but you’d have to go on and purchase it to see the full ingredient list” [Laughs]


I love that you are so bubbly and so outgoing, I mean your story sounds like things instantly took off. Did you ever have challenges along the way?


“I wouldn’t say that my business just took off, No. I spent a lot of money in the beginning on advertising to get people to know about Glammed Naturally. I paid blogs, influencers, and content creators to make videos, but I found no success doing that, and sale conversions were poor. When I really began to see success, was when I started using facebook and instagram marketing. This was how I was able to scale the brand and triple my revenue, and when I hit roadblocks what really kept me going was my passion for creating the products, and just remembering that this act of love put into creating these oils was transforming the lives of so many people, people that I didn’t even know.


I mean you should see my basement turned laboratory mixing these oils, I show it all on instagram! [Laughs] I’m open and transparent with every part of my journey, and people can see clearly that the oils are handmade really with sweat, tears and love. People are not only able to purchase the oils, but are also educated on how to better care for their natural hair.


That’s incredible! Tell me about the consulting aspect of your business.


“Well in addition to the hair oils, I also run a hair consulting firm. You can find me on instagram @jummiegrow and check out e-books that I’ve written, DIY recipes, and tips for growing thicker, healthy hair.


This next question will be tough because you’ve come a long way, and have so many products now, but If you had to pick 3 favorites, which would they be?


“Oh This is fun! My 3 favorite Glammed Naturally products. Hmmm..


GlammedNaturally Hair Growth Oil


This was the oil that grew my hair back! It’s a 100% natural and organic hair growth oil packed with 10 essential oils, like organic castor seed oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic jojoba oil, that naturally promote hair growth, and with no side effects.


Whipped Mango Shea Butter


Our whipped mango shea butter is very powerful. You can use it from head to toe! It’s both hydrating and moisturizing, and being a 100% organic blend of shea butter and mango butter, it’s a great combination to keep your hair in prime condition. I love that it also doubles as a skin moisturizer for soft and supple skin.


GlammedNaturally Biotin Shampoo


I created this for the tresses in need of a little extra TLC. Biotin’s strengthening benefits, is an excellent ingredient for hair repair. The Biotin Shampoo is made with 100% organic ingredients, and so it is safe for the entire family. Despite the fact that this sulfate-free option cleanses super gently and is hypoallergenic, it’s still packed with plenty of botanicals that make it an ideal solution for thinning hair.


What do you see as the future for Glammed Naturally Oil


I want Glammednaturally Oil to outlive me, and I dream about this constantly. It would be a wish of mine to have my children carry it on after I pass away. I want to produce more products, and on a larger scale and expand to more organic retail stores globally, like in Europe and in Africa.


Last but not least, I have to tell you, I’m one of the many women searching for the secret to natural hair growth, and you are sitting in front of me, and you have it! Tell me what would be the perfect routine for someone like me looking to grow their hair say by Christmas? [Laughs]


Start by washing your hair with Glammednaturally Biotin Shampoo – I’d recommend a wash at least once a week depending on your hair type.

Next, apply a small amount of Glammednaturallyoil Biotin Conditioner, and let the conditioner sit for several minutes while it works it’s magic. Rinse off with cool water. This will add moisture to your hair without weighing it down.

For deep conditioning, apply the conditioner on your hair and cover with a bathing cap for 20 minutes, then rinse off.

Pat dry with a cotton t-shirt – I’d recommend that you avoid using blow dryers or set to warm rather than hot.

Apply a pea sized amount of either the Glammednaturallyoil whipped coco shea butter or whipped mango shea butter from your root to scalp to moisturize your hair – I recommend you use this moisturizer on your hair daily.

Last but not least, apply the Glammednaturally Hair Oil from roots to ends. It may be lightweight, but it sure will grow your hair back thicker.


…By Christmas?


“By Christmas!” [Laughs]


This was an absolute pleasure. Thank you Jummie.


Inside Look At Glammed Naturally Oil Written by Ona Okoye


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