The length of the pandemic has led to an at-home workout renaissance that would rival the release of Jane Fonda tapes. If you want an upgrade from the ‘80s, there are more options than ever for getting fit from home. Read on to check out our favorite at-home workouts to try this year.


Corepower Yoga On Demand

Corepower classes have been popular for years, but thanks to Corepower Yoga On Demand, you no longer have to leave the house to reap the benefits of this wide range of yoga classes. From more traditional vinyasa classes to hybrid sculpt classes, you’ll find everything you need to feel more fit and less stressed. Subscriptions cost just $20/month.



People talk a lot about Peloton, and it has the reputation of being the most high-end home workout choice available, mostly due to the pricey stationary bike. But you actually don’t need a bike to do Peloton workouts! For just $13.99/month you can subscribe to a Peloton Digital Membership and get access to fantastic strength, yoga, running, and cycling classes that you can access on all of your devices. And dare I say— it’s a bargain.



If you get bored easily and want to have the most variety that a subscription can offer, obé might be your perfect fitness match. The skilled instructors at obé will guide you through classes ranging from cardio boxing to pilates to barre. And the aesthetic is so fun and colorful that you’ll want to pay attention to your screen and get your heart pumping! If you want to get a taste before committing to $27 a month, try this Shape x obé 21 Day Workout Program for free.


Les Mils

Les Mils is fun, accessible, fast-paced and full of variety. Check out their free video playlist on Youtube and if you fall in love (as many did in 2020), you can subscribe for just $14.99 a month and get all the dance, strength, yoga, and bike workouts that your heart desires. They even have workouts available for kids, so there truly is something for everybody.


Amazon Prime Fitness Options and Channels

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, simply type in “fitness” in your search bar and see how many video workouts show up. They even have workout channels that you can commit to so that you don’t have to find something new every time you want variety. And if you’re secretly searching for Zumba classes even though it’s your mom’s workout of choice… you’ll find them here included in your prime subscription. So dance your heart away, girl! Your mom was onto something.



If you’re trying to tone up for cheap, this is your best bet. Blogilates is a fitness Youtube channel hosted by pilates and fitness instructor, Cassey Ho. Her sunshiny personality and brief but tough workouts are a great way to start a good daily tone-up habit that you just might stick with.

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